Post Support Ticket- Logomaid Custom Logos, Premade Logos, and Stationery


If you have any questions or concerns about your order please email us at Someone from our staff will return your email within 12 hours.

1. What is an exclusive logo design?
Exclusive logo design is sold just one time. When sold, it is removed from our catalogue. If you buy an exclusive product, you'll be the only owner and you'll have the option to copyright it and claim full ownership.

2. What is an non-exclusive logo design / corporate identity?
These products are sold more than one time, and they are not removed from our catalogue after the purchase. These products cannot be copyrighted.

3. What software is needed in order to edit these products?
Logo design / corporate identity is eather designed in Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw! software. If you'll buy a vector product you'll need Corel Draw! in order to modify it. If you'll buy a bitmap product, you'll need Adobe Photoshop in order to edit it. You can see the product type (bitmap/vector) exactly in the product details, including files it's coming with.

4. What is a the main difference between vector and bitmap products?
Vector based designs are scalable to any size required. They do not loose quality when scaling up. When enlarging bitmap design, it looses quality. Bitmap logo designs sold at our site are 2500x2500 pixels @ 300 dpi, which is good enough for regular print.

5. Are the fonts included?
Yes, all necessary fonts are included.

6. What is the process purchasing a product at your web site?
The process is very simple. If you like a product on our web site, just click on the shopping cart icon or "add to shopping cart" button you can see on the product details page. After that, you'll be asked to either log in or register. When completed, you'll be transfered to our merchant provider where you'll fill out your credit card information including valid phone number and email address. Please make sure you don't use a free email account such as hotmail, yahoo, aol or similar. These are not accepted as large percentage of orders received using these email addresses are fraudulent. If you accidently used a free email account, please email us an alternative non-free email account to

When order received, our security department validates your order. If needed, they'll give you a short confirmation call in order to verify your identity. This process usually takes from 10-20 minutes, however if you'll order during our night time, it can take up to 6 hours.

When order verified, you'll receive confirmation email with your download information.

7. How do you deliver the files?
When purchase verified, the download link will be available in the "my downloads" section in your member area. The download link is active for 48 hours only, due to security reasons.

8. Do you provide customization of the products in case I do not have the software required?
Of course. We offer 2 types of customizations as standard:

1. customizing text
2. customizing text and colors

If interested in having your product customized, please add customization request in the shopping cart by clicking "add customization" link and filling out the customization specifications.

9. What if I am interested in having logo / corporate identity designed from scratch?
We offer custom design services as well. Please check our custom design packages here.